Caroline Mitchell, Dragon Mystic
Caroline Mitchell, Dragon Mystic   

Tarot Readings

One to One Readings

My tarot readings often carry a spiritual bent to them.  Many of my clients are seekers, teachers and spiritual beings. 


A tarot reading can help you untangle life's twists and turns, and guide you to make informed decisions about where your life goes next. This can be work, money, career, life in general and so on. Fore warned is fore armed I believe. 

A reading is never set in stone; we all have free will, and if you don’t like the sound of something that is on the horizon, you make a different choice. It’s your life; you live it the way you want. We don’t need to be victims of circumstance. We hold the keys to our life.


** Readings are usually £35, but for now I am offering them at the reduced cost of £25.00



Fee: £25.00

A reading generally takes about an hour. You are welcome to record your session.


Skype Readings

If you can't get to me in person, Skype is a great option, as it works in exactly the same way as if we are sitting together in person.  This option is fantastic for people who are overseas etc. 


All we need to do is agree and mutually agreeable date and time (allowing for time differnces) and away we go.  I personally love working via Skype


Payment via PayPal will be required at the time of booking at

Fee:  £25.00


Email Readings

For those who are unable to visit me at home, email readings are an option. 


I will need a recent, clear, full face on, head and shoulders photograph of you, with your eyes clearly visible. No hats, sun glasses, scarves etc.

I aim to turn around email readings within 5 working days. This can be confirmed at the time of your booking.


Fee: £25.00

Payment via bank transfer or PayPal will be required once your reading has been completed by me. Once I’m happy with your reading I will notify you via email. Once funds are received, I will forward you reading to you.


Party Bookings

What a great way to spend an evening with a bunch of your favorite girlfriends?  Mini readings usually take about 30 mins, and offer a brief overview of what's going on and can give a glimpse of what the future holds. 


Fee: £10.00 per person

A maximum of 4 to 6 people in party bookings.


Why not add a little luxury and include having a mini massage, manicure or pedicure or even a touch of Reiki??


Please Note: As a reader I am legally obligued to let you know that all readings are for entertainment purposes only and take from it what you will.  If you should require independant professional advice such as a lawyer or finanical advisor then you should use your judgement on what you require.




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