Dragons – A brief Intro !

Sep 5, 2016
The Dragons have been itching to get a look in on my blogs for a while.  I have put off doing so, as putting pen to paper (or more accurately, type set to computer screen) is a bit of a tricky one where these magnificent beings are concerned.

When I first started talking about Dragons around  8 or so years ago, I really expected my friends, colleagues and peers to think me barking mad. In fact the opposite was the reality and so the Dragons &  I put on a one day workshop, which blew us all away.

I lived, slept and breathed Dragons for about 2 years or more, then hit a brick wall energetically & emotionally.  Everything I had been working on was put on the back burner, I needed to rest and totally re-evaluate my life. Now here we are a few years later, the Dragons are still waiting, still patient, and still wanting to play with us at these monumental times of change upon our planet.

The Dragons themselves are etheric beings and work in much the same way as the Angelic Realms. If you think of AA Michael and times it by about 100 you’ll get the picture of the essence and power of these beautiful creatures. I think of the Dragons as being a bit like the Angels but with your Dads size 12 nob nail boots on! They mean business !

The Arch Angels are a beautiful energy to work with, sometimes subtle, (and sometimes not!), stepping back and allowing us to choose our own path. They will gently guide us, and occasionally shove us, in the direction we should be going.

Yet when you invoke the Dragon energy they come sweeping and whooshing into your life at the speed of light, and nothing is quite the same ever again. I don’t mean this as a negative, they just have this tendency to turn life around and upside a bit ! For as much as they love to play – think of a puppy or kitten – chasing a ball of string or its tail, and how they find beauty and magic in everything around them, the dragons carry an element of that innocence and purity of fun.  But paradoxically they have a job to do, a serious job to do, and that is to guide us through the incredibly tumultuous times we find ourselves in. I’m not going to go into the politics and the conflicts are that are taking place across our globe here, now, but if we want a future different to our past, its time to call the Dragons in.

They want to work with us, with the Arch Angels and other Ascended Masters to guide us, to empower us, to encourage us to change. We are our future, they are our Guides

They are Magical Beings…