A great deal of my writing is inspired, channelled or some may say automatic writing. I don’t suppose it really matters which label you apply the outcome is the same. 

Its been a while since I last wrote, and last week I found myself with a spare hour or two, so took my note pad and sat under the damson tree to have a little respite and reconnect.  I struggled, as life has been rather hectic, my mind constantly was shooting in a hundred different directions simultaneously.  This got me perusing our struggle to meditate, balance our daily lives, outside demands and stimuli, stay on track and be focused.  

Blimey what a juggling act! 

What follows is the connection I did make, I feel to my Higher Self ( I didn’t have a sense of a Guide being with me). I hope you find to useful and maybe a little bit uplifting.

I have typed it up exactly as it came to me, not adjusted it is any way. I feel it is raw and honest but also helpful.  

All answers lay within us. That which you seek resides in that place of ‘inner knowing’; that gut feeling.

That sense of belonging too, resides within us. We don’t need to be identified by our position at work, in society, family group, car, home or bank balance. We don’t need to be a part of that select group, club or clique to have our identity. Nor do we require their approval. The only person who needs to approve of you, is you.

That which you seek and needing to belong are both external factors and stimuli. That needing better, bigger, richer; when I have these things, when I am accepted by my peers, my colleagues, that club, then I will be me. I will be happy, I will be successful.

Why can’t you, me we,  just be?

Millions of people around the world take up Yoga, Tai Chi or Meditation. Why?
Many more people talk about inner peace, peace of mind, yet spend years, life times in fact, chasing the next job, fad diet, car, or group to belong to. Why? Because they hope it will bring them a sense of peace, the holy grail, identity, or a sense of accomplishment. Yet in fact, the polar opposite is true.

The more you have, the more you fear. Fear losing it, fear ridicule, failure, jealousy from others and more, yet if we went within, we would be so much richer.

We would find the solutions to that issue which so vexes us. We would no longer require approval of others, we wouldn’t strive or desire the car, the clothes, the holidays, that job that all currently define us.

And Yoga, Tai Chi or Meditation, where to they fit in? They are all ancient forms of ‘Going Within’

With love and blessings
Caroline xx