Still your mind, you know this!

We are here as peace keepers to the earth, we guide you to hold an open heart, unity over separation, joy over hatred, grace over anger.
You the children of earth have a role to play in bringing unity and the dragons message into the world you know as earth. Time is running out, you have too much fear and anger in your world. Turn up the light, be the light. This will throw deeper shadows and expose that which needs to be resolved.
The shadows are a part of your existence, a part of your life, but they are too deep today. The light and shadow requires rebalancing, aligning.
The greater the light, the greater the shadow.

Each of you must accept your shadow, it is not to be annihilated, it is to accepted, it makes up who you are.
There is always work and healing with the shadow, do not see this as a negative, it is a opportunity to grow and deepen your spirituality and understanding, for yourself and others alike.

Accept your challenges with grace, rejoice in your achievements, celebrate life on earth with others.
Come together to express and explore with open hearts and integrity . Leave judgement at the door, it holds no place in your world for it simply fuels distrust and angst.
Go peacefully, tread lightly with appreciation at your core.

You, all of you, are your planets future.

Lord Kuthumi