Top 11 Spots for Being Ungrounded; Previous Lives, Personal Experience & Living in the Present.

In this joint blog, Caroline Mitchell, the Original Dragon Lady, joins Rachael as they discuss what grounding looks like, why it is so important and the difference it can make to your day to day life.

In this joint blog. Rachael Setford-Berry, the Heart Healer, joins Caroline as they discuss what Grounding really is, why it is so important and the difference it can make to your day to day life.


“For me, I spent a lot of my life being ungrounded. It was linked into a fear of connecting into the Earth and my own personal power. This was a previous life issue; plenty of Spiritual lives recently on the timeline where I had spent time connecting up, where Spirituality meant up not down. And it certainly meant investing in an outside body – both the church and God (him)self. I was not the centre of my own power; in fact I held no power. And to connect into power from the Earth was a big no-no. That connection was not sacred and it was scary. The last time I had connected into my own power, and into the Earth power, I had made selfish decisions. Selfish decisions where I had convinced myself I was doing the right thing. So I couldn’t trust myself. Those lives of connecting up, and not in and down were safe. 

This was strongly triggered in this life by a Catholic upbringing, one which I questioned at a young age, but it was triggered non the less. Previous life issues in the foremost NEED to be triggered somehow in this life for it to make any difference to you in reality. We have so many previous lives which may have unfinished understanding or ways of being ingrained on our reality, but unless it has been triggered in this life and is causing us issues; you just don’t need to worry about it. There is too much to deal with NOW, which means you need to be present.

In life I struggled with relationships, with feeling supported by others, with being able to have children, with being able to manifest money or power for myself rather than for other people. I was scared of my own power and scared of being trusted to make my own morals decisions in life. Which is laughable, as the one thing that Jesus taught us was to do just that.

I was called ditzy and dizzy, even though I was intelligent; my uncle named me Walter Mitty so much did I live in my own fantasy world as a kid. 

What’s your experience Caroline?”


“Ungrounded for me personally is not dissimilar to the experiences you have described above Rachael, particularly about not standing in and owning my power, but it’s also accepting who I am in essence. 

In a spiritual sense I am pretty grounded, probably due to being a pragmatist. We all love the feeling of being connected to spirit, giving messages, channelling, healing, being constantly of service. Yet being tuned into that energy all the time, in my opinion is unbalanced, and doing yourself a massive disservice.  We are, after all, spiritual beings, and are here to have a human experience.  And of course if you are ‘up there’, you are not ‘down here’, fully in the physical world. 

I too, love to be in that space, but I have never dwelled there for long periods of time although I have met many over the years who have and do.  

As a child I moved around a lot, by the time I was 7 years old I had been to 3 different junior schools, I was always the ‘new kid, the different kid, the outsider’.  From the ages of 3 to 7 years old I was separated from my nucleus family for periods of time, so my roots or foundations were all over the place, I now recognise in my later years.  So for me ungroundedness creates insecurity and being forever in my head.  

I’ve always been fairly pragmatic and philosophical about life, things are what they are.  Then there came a point in life, where I needed to take responsibility.   Queue, f*@k off, stick my head in the sand, throw a tantrum and enter the blame game. Add to that relationship struggles money worries, usual family and time strains, something had to give, and answers are needed.   

As I said, I’ve always thought of myself as being fairly grounded, which I am in many ways, and then there are the ways I’m not!  Eventually I worked out I wasn’t grounded, not properly grounded. It was as sort of half hearted, lip service kind of grounded! 

So being ungrounded for me, is getting well and truly into my head, totally disconnecting from the earth, and this, the present moment.  In this state my brain decides I need to flagellate myself for every mistake I perceive I have ever made – some call it being hypercritical, or I am off in the future, worrying myself to death and playing out in my mind, all manner of scenarios which will most likely never happen.   

Yet if I consciously connect to earth, feel that energy, that safety, all of life flows better.  I have   plugged into the here the and now.  I am present.”


“I have to agree that it can lead to an unbalanced life, if we remain in Spirit for too long. And I think that provides all sorts of problems for individuals. The main one being, if they are not grounded, if they are not connected into the physical reality, all of the wonderful energy which they are channelling and bringing through, is never going to have the impact that it is meant to.

In the same way that our feet create a connection with the earth similar to a battery, we take energy from the Earth. On a physical level this completes atoms which have become deformed due to free radicals around us, as well as taking up other energy into our system. We also give energy to the Earth. The planet then distributes that energy as it needs to, through its own matrix. If you are ungrounded, if you are not living your life as a human, then you will never actually get to achieve what you hope. All of that work, all of that healing, hope and love is NEVER going to have the impact you desire, because you are not connected into that matrix properly. It is never going to filter into the Mass Consciousness as it’s needed to; our physical connection to each other being rooted in our origins in Mother Earth. We are looking to make changes to people’s lives in a real way. It is our birth into humanity which severs that connection into the Oneness; it is through our humanity that we find it again.

Plus, you are not here to sacrifice your life. Our lives are underpinned by joy, not suffering and sacrifice. If you are struggling with finding healthy relationships and friendships, with struggling with money and material possessions, if your life is uncomfortable to live, you are not grounded. 

This work can only be done through working through your lower chakras. So much, traditionally, has been focused Spiritually on the upper chakras, the heart up, (I still see people meditate and connect to Spirit by only cleansing and empowering their higher chakras) that we don’t realise that our true power comes from supporting the foundations and doing the personal work we need to on the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus.

When you talk Caroline about being in your own head; it’s exactly that! Those over active upper chakras; Crown leading to being constantly connected and giving and receiving messages in the oddest of situations and at all hours. The Third Eye leading to sleepless nights, overthinking and being unable to switch off. Throat being overactive and focused solely on the way that you personally express yourself, choosing that over being involved in your community or friendships. The Heart leading to that Unempowered Empath Imbalance; where we feel everything, and stay focused and connected to it, disregarding self care and self love in general.

Only by doing the work on the lower chakras, only by enabling our grounding correctly, can we bring the balance to our life, and our Spiritual work, which will take it to the next level.

Caroline, what do the dragons have to say about this?”

“It’s interesting Rachael that you have brought up about the lower chakras.  In the last week or so the dragons guided me to revisit the energy of the four lowers ones.  Base, Sacral, Navel and Solar Plexus; now, I, like anyone else who has walked their healing and spiritual journey for a number of years, will have a good understanding of their energy.  What the dragons gave me, was, that I didn’t really, not really, understand the value or connectedness of the lower energy centres and the earth. And I still wasn’t properly grounded!  That was a bit of WTF moment! 

So they guided me back through each centre, a day at a time, a meditation at a time.  And what I learnt (amongst other things) was that each chakra has a direct impact on the next, and so on.  Now I already had an understanding of this, but now I got it.  Grounding is the key, full grounding, not the lip service type! 

So, if we are to do the work we came to do, we can’t do it effectively from an ungrounded place.  If we’re talking dragon here, they always say, ‘you can’t think dragon, you have to feel/sense dragon, be in your heart’.  That applies to all spiritual work too, for our own health and wellbeing we need to come at it from a grounded and connected space. A nurtured space plugged into Mother Earth.  For it is she who sustains us, gives to us, and provides for us. 

In those lower chakras sits our vital life force, self care, self respect, power and empathy and the like. Everything about who we are, how we feel about ourselves, view ourselves and treat ourselves, all sits in those lower centres.  And like you say, the connectedness to the earth nourishes us, and our soul, if we care to stop long enough and pay attention. 

And final word from the Dragon Clans – ‘Time, ageing, the seasons, the moon, the sunrise and set, they wait for no one, and will not be stopped.  It’s like trying to cease the movement of the seas. But you, you can stop.  Actually your entire wellbeing depends upon it. You humans say, stop and smell the roses (or the coffee) yet you only pay service only to it.  We ask why is this so?  We, the dragons, love humanity, but at times find your race a little contrary’.

So I guess the message is, Get Grounded.  Be Present. Be here, now fully and wholly.  Not in yesterday or tomorrow, next week. They end with ‘You will feel better for it – trust us, we know’.


‘Our vital life force! Yes of course! Connection into the Earth’s vital life force, only possible through connecting into our vital life force! And being present, or being able to be present, is the key!’

Caroline & Rachael’s Top Signs that You need to work on Your Grounding and Personal Empowerment through your lower chakras

  1. Being stuck in the past; leading to depression and low energy.
  2. Being stuck in the future; leading to anxiety, never feeling fulfilled in life dizzy.
  3. Cycles of relationship problems, money & prosperity issues.
  4. Feeling like you don’t fit in and you don’t belong here.
  5. Struggling to leave the house and agrophobia. 
  6. Focusing on the negative and worries.
  7. Physical Illness in the lower chakras.
  8. Immune system or hormonal imbalances.
  9. Feeling unconnected into Mother Nature; plant based and animal based.
  10. Unable to let go of or trying to control the journeys of others; even if you are trying to do the best for them.
  11. Feeling unfocused, light headed or dizzy.