When I was guided by the dragons to create the deck, the idea in the beginning was to help people help themselves.  To learn to trust their own judgement, to delve deep inside for their own innate inner knowing, that personal well of wisdom we all have.  As you know the dragons messages’ can be a bit punchy, certainly direct yet without malice of any kind. They do see right to the nub of the matter, including things self-delusion or not taking enough care of yourself. 

There is no set way in which to work with the dragons, you can simply use the cards as you feel drawn to, follow the information in the guide book, or you can meditate with them asking for guidance, understanding a situation or to simply be in their presence. 

So this got me thinking about the dragons, the information within the guide book, and how I work with the dragons. The dragon messages held within the book which accompanies the deck is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their messages, how they help, support or guide you.

If you are new to the cards, dragons, or meditation I suggest you keep it simple.  I’m not going to teach you to meditate here, but I will offer some pointers on connecting with and getting the most from the deck and connecting to the dragons themselves. 

For non-meditators 

Shuffle the cards (often one will literally jump out at you) or once you are happy they are fully mixed up fan them out and feel which one you are drawn to.  Before reaching for the guide book to look up its meaning, take a good look at the card. Remember to BREATHE! 

See where your eyes are drawn to, what strikes you about this dragon?  Is it the background, the colours the shapes or symbols in it?  DON’T THINK ABOUT IT  

What feelings or thoughts are coming to the surface? You can write them down as they surface, which is often the best way, as this helps to unlock the unconscious mind. Don’t think about, let it all tumble out, as it happens. 

Or you can close your eyes, place your feet flat on the floor and lay the card on your lap.  As above, see what surfaces for you.  

Do you have any kind of sensations, do you feel a bit daft, is there warmth or cold where the card is laying on your lap? Feel with your body and heart rather than your thinking mind.  

Note any ‘unusual’ thoughts which come to mind, any sudden or deeper understandings that bubble up.  

It will take time if you are new to this, so keep practising, and if you can find a good meditation teacher.  


You can also gain greater insight and understandings of each of the cards and the also get to know your own dragons by writing.  They love it when we do this, as they finally have our undivided attention. 

As before, sit quietly with our chosen card close by and notice what you are drawn to in the card.  Is it the colours, shapes, or something else? Make a note of what draws you in initially; explore that aspect of the card.  Here is a good place to ask questions either by writing them down or thinking them.  Once you have done that, go back to what drew your attention and see what floats to the surface for you in the way of thoughts, ideas or feelings.  Write them down as they come.  


For those of you who do meditate, shuffle and choose your card (or the one that has leapt out at you).

You can do the following exercise with either your eyes open or closed. 

Take a couple of deep breaths, ground and centre yourself.  Allow your thoughts to slow down, and settle into your body as fully as you can.  Gradually sink deeper into your heart centre, keeping a soft focus on your chosen card if you are going to try this with your eyes open.  

Allow the thoughts, feelings or images about that particular dragon to surface naturally.

As experienced meditator you may like to go into meditation and call in the dragon you have picked. Ask them to join you in your meditation.  Here you can travel with them, sit and share space with them, the only limit is your own self-belief. 

Good luck with your dragon journeys’, I’d love hear your experiences and how you get on, and of course answer any questions you may have.