Ostara sees us reach the Spring Equinox. Here night and days are of equal length, finally the weather is turning as the sun rises higher and warms the earth and us. The daffi dillies are around in abundance and bluebells are just around the corner. Oh what bliss! 
Everything is bursting back to life in full technicolour, and I don’t know about you, but I feel I need it more this year than any previous one. This last winter has been a true slog. 
Here at the Spring Equinox we see the hares (known often as the mad March hare) boxing in the fields, buds forming and fox cubs are yet to break the surface of the earth, they are often seen around bluebell time. 
Ostara is a festival of balance – a balance of the divine masculine and divine feminine, a balance of night and day of the unconscious and the conscious. It is here that the plans you made, the seeds you planted the ideas you have been nurturing since Imbolc or before, begin to show their first shoots.  You can think of Ostara as a time of manifestation and birthing.  
It feels this year, that this festival is one to be used for alignment, we have all been a little off kilter over the last 12 months, so here is as good a time as any to bring yourself back into alignment with your life, your path, your truth. Finding that inner and outer balance and doing whatever resonates with you. 

Here are a couple of ideas for you 
Make an hour or two just for you. Take no one with you who is going to ‘need’ you. Be with you, just you, if you can. 
Take a couple of full deep breaths, kick off your shoes and walk bare foot outside.  Feel the earth and consciously connect with her. Lift your face to sun and spread your arms wide 
Pick some flowers to make a small posy to put on the kitchen side or on your altar, thanking Mother Earth for her beauty and abundance.
Take a walk in the woods or along the sea front, watching the birds and the trees, listening to the wind.  Become fully absorbed in the moment. Listen to life around you, notice things with fresh bright eyes.   

What are you now birthing into the world, I’d love to know. 
Enjoy your Spring Equinox and I’d love to hear your experiences and stories!

Blessings and gratitude as always 
Caroline x