I have often spoken how the dragons will use all kinds of ways to get our attention and their message across.  This can take on a myriad of shapes and ways.  

For me last night it was in my dreams, which is extremely rare for the dragons to do with me.  

So last night I was dreaming about Otter.  Initially I thought Otter was a dog, (no surprises there as my life revolves around dragons and dogs!)

My dream continued to unfurl as they do, eventually waking me at 1.30am.  My overriding thought was I need to look up the meaning of Otter Medicine from my Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams 

Otters message is woman Medicine (this applies to both genders).  It’s a message of curiosity, play and fun. I gotta say that’s been a bit lacking in the last 12 months or so! 

But it’s also about creating space for other to enter our lives with judgement or jealousy – that I do, as it’s very much a part of my work. So a big fat tick there.

Otter is about a balanced sharing of what we have to offer. 

She is about trust, being aware of ego, and acts of anger.  Hmmm, there’s been a few of those! 

Oh yes and worry, boy I’ve managed to become a total worry machine!  Jeez, how did I get so far out of step with myself?    

So there it is, anger, irritations and a general lack of joy. 

Hardly surprising with the year we’ve all had.  And of course, I have had my own personal family stuff to deal with like everyone else.  

Usually we are able to see friends, go out, do stuff, talk it out, laugh and kick back.  But not this last year, it feels like it’s been a year of fire-fighting in many respects, especially over this last winter.  A drudge and if I’m brutally honest a total bloody ball ache.  

So dragons needed me to take notice of all this, to feel it, the joy, that internal shift via my dream state, to see it, in my waking life’s actions and behaviours, to accept it, own and acknowledge it too.  

What came next is the beauty of the dragons making sure I got it. 

A couple of weeks ago I was working with a client online in a One to One dragon session (You & I with the Dragons) and she showed me a deck she had – the Arch Angel Metatron by Amanda Ellis. I knew I needed that deck, so ordered as soon as I had finished the session. 

My deck arrived today.  I undid it, opened it, boy the power of cards hit me in the solar plexus. The card on the top was Joy & Happiness. 

And her message is in a similar vein to that of Otter! 

And there is a dragon on the inside of the lid too.  Now that’s just plain spooky!  

Triple whammy! Are you now listening? Do you now see it? Have you got it? 

So you see this is working with Dragon.  Joining the dots together and recognising the message within it all.  

For me it’s get out of my self-wallowing muddy hole, rejoice and realign to me and life in general. Be grateful, but also gracious for all that I have.   Find the joy, the laughter and fun.  And otter reminds us to flow with the waters of life… Yep, I had forgotten that too.  

I guess that’s the result of lockdown cabin fever.  Well no more.  I’m getting out of my own damn way from now.  Are you? 

Until next time 

With grace and gratitude 

Caroline x