This blog is a bit of a ramble (as I do) and a bit of what has been happening behind the scenes here at Dragon HQ as well as a FREE guided meditation at the end.  

I hope you enjoy it! 

I love the synchronicity of how the Universe works and there’s been a bit of that this week with friends. 

Early this week I was talking to a friend and she was telling me about how the universe and her unconscious grab her attention when she’s not following her truth and being authentic – I needed to hear that this week, I needed the reminder!  So a deftly dodged dragon slap for me 

Get back in step with your Truth Caroline.  And I know from experience with the dragons, the lessons get tougher if I ignore their gentle nudges (yes the dragons can be gentle haha). 

A little later in the week I was having lunch with another friend , and this time we were talking about our work, where we were with it and what has been taking place over the last couple of months since we last saw each other.  

Over the last few weeks I have begun working with colour with the dragons – they call it Colour Rays and there are 7 different ones they are teaching me about, but so far have only given me 5.  Patients Caroline!  

Well blow me down, both my friend and myself have been working with Colour Rays and in particular the Sapphire Ray.   My friend simply calls it blue energy.  What I love about these conversations is we often get the missing links or bits of information we have been floundering in the dark for.  

This is the beauty of being with your Tribe, those people you resonate with, they get you and vice versa – it’s where the magic is.  A two way street of information, support and respect, you can’t beat it. 

Then later in the week I saw a post from another lady I follow and she was also talking about Rays, in particular the Platinum Ray – loving this energy build up!

So each of us is gathering information to share with our respective Tribes, we will all have a slightly different take on it, but that’s OK.  I dare say the end result will be the same.  There is no competition, a comparing of notes possibly, but not the, they are right and I am wrong.   

So what about these colours or Rays? Some have been around for a while, such as the Golden Ray, this is mentioned in my deck the Dragon Path Oracle as Actramis connects with it.  

Each colour ray carries its own frequency and the dragons appear to work more closely with frequency than vibration. 

So there is:


This is 5th dimensional energy and connects to the throat and 3rd eye.  It brings in enhanced clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities.  


This is 6th dimensional energy.  It carries advanced healing abilities and head and heart connection. 


This is 7th dimensional energy.  It aides connection to the star beings but it also brings in a sense of knowing your worth, supporting your ability to connect to the universal abundance and flow. 


This is 9th dimensional energy and brings with it advanced spirituality and understanding. It brings in new quantum light coding, DNA activation codes, and full light body integration. 


This is 11th dimensional energy.   I only have an inkling of what this is, but it’s connected to the Ascended and Grand Masters. They will tell me all in good time. 

As for the other colours, again I will have to wait and see what transpires. I know they are Ruby and Silver, but that’s all.  

You can choose to connect to a specific colour or as I did in my meditation this morning wait to see what comes in for you. 

Dragon Meditation 

Connection to the Colour Rays 

Firstly find yourself somewhere quiet and comfortable where you won’t be disturbed for about 30 minutes. 

You may like to light a candle or have your favourite incense burning and have relaxing background music playing softly. 

Once you are settled, take 3 or 4 slow deep breaths in and release slowing. 

Become aware of your body.  Feeling your feet flat on the floor, feeling your body supported by the chair beneath you.  Really sense these things, take your full attention to them. 

Next take your focus to your breath, feel the flow of the breath enter and leave your body, notice the coolness of the inhale and warmth of the exhale.  Do this for as long as your feel comfortable.

Bring your focus back to the breath when your thoughts intrude and your mind goes wondering off entertaining itself. 

When you are ready visualise yourself in a lush green landscape, surrounded by mountains, trees and hills. See the beautiful azure blue sky, feel the sun on your skin and soft breeze ruffling your hair. Take a few minutes to settle into your new environment.  Drinking in as much detail as you can

As you take in the landscape and the vastness of the sky, you see a serpent shape dragon weaving their way across open space between you. As it draws closer you are able to see their full magnificence and colour.  

The dragon slows and heads closer towards you, and as it reaches you it begins to encircle you, giving off sparks and hues of colour. It continues to fly around you from your feet to above your head, encasing you fully in its colour.