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I am a 4th generation psychic clairvoyant and grew up in a haunted house with a father who could see spirit.   

At 17, I met my mentor, Gethin.

He was a gifted medium and healer. Frequently he was asked by the police to assist them with some of their more challenging cases.

He coached me right up until he passed away when I was in my early 30’s. His passing was the proverbial kick up the backside I needed.

I had lost my sounding board, anchor as well as a very very dear friend ... But it was time to step out on my own and begin ‘My Journey’ in earnest.

I began reading the Tarot professionally. I opened a shop and holistic centre in Whitchurch, Called Navajo (sadly now closed) founded the magazine One Source, along with attending and running courses and workshops on all things spiritual and psychic.  Over the last 20 years or so I have read for, taught and met hundreds and hundreds of people from all walks of life.

In 2003 Dragons entered my awareness. By 2005 they had given me my life's work.  It took a further 12 years for me to actually put into practise what they wanted. This year see’s me giving regular talks and workshop about the Dragons, their work with us, why they have come and more importantly how we can all connect to them.  November 2017 see’s the launch of the Dragon Path Oracle Cards. These are channelled to me from the Dragon Clans.

I, like others who have walked this path before me have an overriding passion to help and guide others.  Many of us have had our fair share of extremely tough times; I am no exception. I’ve been jobless, homeless, a single mum on the social and almost bankrupt. It is these experiences that I believe help us to understand, and guide the people who come to us without judgement or prejudice on ‘how one should live their life’.

Circumstances and how we react to them in our lives can throw us off course, leaving us feeling powerless, hurt or angry.  Life has a habit of throwing us curved balls, that we didn’t see coming !

The tarot and other tools used well, can help get us back on track and show us there is light at the end of that very dark tunnel ...   


Caroline Mitchell - The Original Dragon Lady


Dragon Whisperer, Tarot Reader, Reiki Master,  Workshop Facilitator



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