Mindfulness Meditation

Caroline has been teaching meditation for over 20 years with the emphasis being on spiritual development.  In more recent years the dragons guided her towards Mindful Meditation which in turn led her to train as a Mindful Meditation Teacher. 

What is Mindful Meditation?  

Mindful meditation is finding that quiet space in your head.  

There are no thoughts tumbling around vying for attention, bumping into each other, or your thoughts shooting off in a hundred different directions at once. 

Mindful meditation can actually ease and with practice stop that feeling of running around like a headless chicken.  Oh what bliss… 

How many times have you said, ‘I want some peace and quiet’? 

This is your body and minds way of telling you your mind is too full – it also would like a break from the constant noise – and your brain also needs time to process. 

Mindful meditation is a great way to find your own inner peace. With regular practice it can aid better sleep, improved mood, feeling happier generally, concentration and memory to name just a few.  It is in fact an all-round good guy with far reaching benefits. 

For the spiritual seeker, it shows there is no separateness and brings in a deepening sense of spiritual understanding and epiphanies over time. You will discover that complete connection to the universe and everything within it. You will experience an expansion of consciousness and a great broadening of concepts and horizons 

Whatever reason you decide to book a meditation appointment with Caroline it is sure to bring about mental clarity, joy and a deepening sense of completeness to your daily life.  

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