You & I with the Dragons

You & I with the Dragons

In a nutshell, these are private one to one sessions to connect to your dragons with Caroline.  Each one is completely tailored to your level of spiritual and dragon experience, therefore they are personal and specific to you.

Dragon Introduction – meet your dragon

The Dragon introduction session is a great place for those who are new to dragon energy to start their journey, and learn to connect with them.   Here you can safely explore your dragons and their energy under Caroline’s expert eye and dragon knowledge.
In this session your questions can be fully explored and answered by either Caroline or dragons – sometimes both!
Caroline will take you on a specific guided mediation to meet and connect more deeply your personal dragon.  This is often channelled directly by the dragons at the time.

Dragon Encounters

With a Dragon Encounters session, you are offered the chance to connect more deeply with your dragon guides through meditation or journeying. Caroline will guide you to deepen your connection and here you may be introduced to your guardian or healing dragons in meditation.  If the dragons are coming in on a healing vibration for you, you may need to know more or the best way to use it.  This too can be explored, through meditation or direct guidance from the dragons to Caroline for you.

You may have galactic dragons showing themselves, so this too can be explored in depth.

Dive Deep with the Dragons

So we dive much deeper with the dragons’ connection and is for those who work on a planetary level, earth healing, galactic and interdimensional.

In this session Caroline may take you on journey to Atlantis, Lemuria, the Galactic Council and more.

There is great scope for working with the light beings which are the dragons, and nothing is left out.   Here the connection and frequency is much higher so to speak. This work is all about deeply grounding to the earth and reaching for the stars and beyond.

If you want to explore something in particular with the dragons, this too can be done.

Dragon Sessions

All of the dragon sessions can take place in person in Caroline dedicated Dragon Room (one Covid restrictions have passed) or live over the internet. This can be Skype, Zoom, or even Facebook Messenger.
A dragon session usually takes around 60 minutes and can be recorded, if done over Zoom and you’d like a copy.

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