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Our dragons are very much like other spirit guides, they will change and develop, as you grow spiritually. The only one who stays constantly, they tell me is your Soul Guardian. Your Soul Guardian has been with you throughout every incarnation you have ever experienced.

My journey with the dragons began way back in about 2002, when I was introduced to the Colour Mirrors system which originated in South Africa. In short I ended up on a 2 day Colour Mirrors workshop, where I met ‘Black Dragon’ . Up to this point I was somewhat dismissive of Dragons!

Fast forward about 3 years when I began my Reiki journey. That is when the whole group came in, gave me my entire life’s work, including the Dragon Path Oracle Cards, a healing modality, essences to make, and workshops.

A friend ‘dubbed’ me the Original Dragon Lady, because spirit wouldn’t leave her alone until she told me

Everyone can have a dragon around them, just as everyone can have an angel. It all comes down to whether or not you are receptive or sensitive to the energies of them.

Why not Dragons? I’m only joking 🙂 This is a question I too have asked myself many times. There’s is a unity and friendship with the Dragons and Angelic beings. One isn’t instead of the other, both are valid, helpful, and supportive.

For me the dragons have a greater presence, power and authority to them, that you don’t get with the Angels in quite the same way. I have spoken about this a lot. The angels are supportive and encouraging, guiding us forward, which is perfect and as it should be. They are a quiet guiding energy, never overstepping the mark. This doesn’t make them lesser than the dragon energy, only different.

The dragons on the other hand, give it to us straight, shoot form hip and will tell us to stop wallowing in self pity, urge us to stand up and be the change we want to see, to go out and make a difference. Be brave, stand in that power which is yours, and yours alone. With dragon often you are being urged to take action, to change something if you don’t like. I guess really they are action driven, where as the angelic’s are more contemplative.

The dragons are in Clans, like family groups. These are currently the Earth Walk Dragons, The Galactic Dragons, The Grand Master Dragons and the Guardian Dragons.

There are further Clans coming in, which I write about at a later date.

Regular meditation is the first starting point to connect to your dragons. Once that connection is made and you become familiar with their energy and presence, they will guide you.

Remember, and this is so important – when you connect with dragon you must be truly grounded. If you think you are grounded, go back and re ground. Their energy is powerful, and if you are not fully grounded they can make you feel a bit woozy

  • I don’t see them in hierarchies, but they are in Clans – like family groups –  The dragons don’t see themselves as higher or lower, better or lesser than any other being, they are what they are.  
  • We as humans may put them into these hierarchal boxes, due to the way our brain works, view the world, or ourselves.  We see people or statuses as higher as or lower than us, but the dragons certainly don’t.  They don’t have nor do ego.   
  • The numbers are infinite, and uncountable, like the stars, they tell me
  • The dragons are as unique are we are, in personality, shape, size, character.
  • When they first showed themselves to me they were dual colours, one colour along their back and head, and another, sometimes a contrasting colour through their throat and underside. This has since shifted and evolved as their numbers have grown. They can now be opaque, solid colours, translucent, and more.
  • Like us, they each have their strengths and roles within the universe, a job to do if you like, working with us human doings, which can be exasperating for them  But they are extremely kind, courteous and gentle beings, who will give you the occasional slap upside the head if you require it, to get your attention.
  • Generally speaking they make themselves known to you fully with a visual image ie clairvoyance. Now if you’re not particularly clairvoyant, it then gets a little trickier. It depends on what your strongest ‘Clair’ is, in all honesty. My strength has always been claircognizants, so I ‘just know stuff’, but I also have images float into my mind’s eye, especially if working with the dragons. For the beginner this can often feel like imagination.
  • If your ‘Clairs’ are still being developed, it’s tricky to know who is around you, whether dragon or something else. In short dragon energy has a depth to it, a power, you don’t feel or sense with other spiritual beings, such as guides or the angels.
  • You do need to be fully grounded when working with the dragons, as their power can feel a little overwhelming at times.

  • I really like this question. We do have dragons that are with us from birth, and go through every incarnation with us. These are our Soul Guardians. We then have our guardian dragons, a little like the guardian angels, but with your dads size nine work boots on!
  • There are also dragons that you can call in for particular help or support. This can be personal, global, healing, insights and so on
  • I often see dragons in the landscape. Recently I was traveling to Bath with my husband, merrily watching the scenery in rural Wiltshire pass by, when I announced, ‘Oh, there be dragons under them there hills’. I’ll let you visualise his response. So I do see their form in the landscape of our beautiful countryside. They are frequently deep beneath hills, but their energy if palpable
  • But I also am aware of them on an energetic level too
  • One of the dragon’s biggest roles is to support us, in energetically supporting Gaia. They have a passion for earth healing, now this can be on a humane level, or actual earth healing through the earth matrix.
  • There are also dragons which work with trained healers energetically on people. So they are very versatile.
  • The dragons do have a few ideas on other decks, so watch this space

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