Connect with your Dragon Power


With Caroline Mitchell the Original Dragon Lady 20th June 2021 11am-4pm BST

Join Caroline Mitchell the Original Dragon Lady for a full day workshop at the Henge Shop in Avebury to explore and accept your personal dragon power.

The dragons tell us we are far greater than we perceive ourselves to be, yet we still don’t believe them.  In this workshop you:

🐉 will be guided to connect firstly to your own divinity through the energy of music, sound, chants, and who knows, maybe even dance.

🐉 will access your raw inner hidden power which will liberate how you feel about and view yourself.

🐉 will be guided to connect with the new chakra colours and the dragons which are associated with them and the new symbols they carry to anchor this new energy.

To fully harness and accept your full embodiment of dragon power you must first accept yourself. Throughout the day each exercise is designed to take you through self-limiting barriers, whatever they maybe, bringing you a sense of freedom, confidence and acceptance before meeting your dragon.

Connecting with your dragon

Each of us has a dragon self, that side of us that is all powerful and knowing, yet we are afraid to touch it.  Throughout the day you will be guided, step by step, taking you deeper and deeper into your unique and potent self, touching that power for the first time, before meeting your dragon self. Finally, you will be taken on journey to connect with the ancient land of Avebury and the dragon who awaits you there.

Please note, places are limited to 12 under the current Covid rules. 


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Practical Stuff

Parking is at the National Trust Carpark – it is suggested you arrive early and if possible car share.

Parking is £7.50 for the day unless you are a NT Member

Avebury is closed this year for the Solstice celebrations, but I dare say there will still be an influx of people.

We will be outside for some of this workshop.

What to Bring

Please bring cushions, chairs, mats, rugs anything to make yourself comfortable

Bring water with you – there is usually some available to purchase from the shop

Please bring with you if you have them, drums, flutes, didgeridoos, rattles etc anything that makes a noise

Covid Stuff

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided.  Ideally bring your own mug with you – there are disposable cups available

Masks are required in the shop.


Bring food with you for lunch or you can purchase food from the village shop next door to the Henge Shop, the NT Circles Café and the Red Lion

NOTE: The café gets very busy and can be slow to serve

Venue: The Henge Shop Avebury (

Date: 20th June 2021

Times: 11.00 to 4.00pm BST