Dragon Chakra Posters


These A4 posters each depict a dragon relating to each of the 7 chakras plus the navel.

Each of the dragons carries the new frequency, coding and colour coming in now and has its own symbol inscribed onto it relating to the chakra it represents.

You can meditate with each chakras and dragons in turn by tuning in and see how they feel to you and their subtle differences, and the dragons that connect with them. The new colours and dragons connection to each of them enhances your spiritual, personal and earth connection. You can use the images to activate the new colours and the associated dragons to access and utilise the frequency they bring in for your own journey as Spiritual Warriors of Earth.

As we shift into the Aquarian era the Earths frequency is changing, and you are being asked to be a part of this transformation which is taking place, to be at the forefront of it.

The Dragon chakras make up a part of the Dragon Chakra workshop I ran live online a few weeks ago. It will be available to purchase and download shortly to accompany these stunning drawings, although you don’t need to have taken the workshop to access the dragon energy and information.

Overall most new colours are all in translucent colour not dissimilar to the original ones we all know and love.

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Each of the posters can be purchased individually or as a complete set.

Chakra symbols which are associated with each of the dragons can also be purchased.

Shipping is standard 1st class.

Root Chakra Dragon

She is a bright clear ruby red and her element Earth

Sacral Chakra Dragon

She is clear amber and her element is Fire

Navel Chakra Dragon

She is silver and her element is your full-on dragon power

Solar Plexus Dragon

She is a beautiful vibrant gold colour and is the seat of your authenticity

Heart Chakra Dragon

Her colour is a translucent white and is all about connection

Throat Chakra Dragon

Her colour is aquamarine and is all about awareness

Third Eye Chakra Dragon

Her colour is lilac and is all about Clarity

Crown Chakra Dragon

Her colour is platinum and the dragon who resides here is Gnosis