Dragon Path Oracle Cards


A unique oracle deck to channel the energy and insight of the 33 powerful dragon guides, revealed over two decades to the Original Dragon Lady Caroline Mitchell. The dragons urge us to become the best possible version of ourselves, to release fears and pain, to accept and nurture ourselves and embrace our spiritual awakening. Dragons are immensely powerful, creative, inquisitive and honourable beings, with enormous compassion and often a dry sense of humour. This ground-breaking oracle deck allows users to connect with 33 dragons, each with their own personality and way of helping us. Each of the 33 stunning cards represents one of the dragons, and an 80-page booklet profiles the dragons in detail, suggesting how to work with their energy.

Created by Caroline Mitchell, illustrated by Tiras Verey and Published by Watkins 

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We currently only offer shipping to U.K. If you live outside of the U.K., please contact me (caroline@carolinemitchell.info) to order & arrange shipping.

If this is a gift, the cards can be signed by Caroline. Please add a note to your order with details.

Each of the Clans and dragons held within the deck are here to support and guide your spiritual and personal journey. The cards are designed to aide your connection to the dragons and yourself.  

Using the cards regularly will deepen your dragon awareness not only to the cards and dragons within it, but to your own dragon guides as well.   

The dragons message are  powerful and straightforward – they have little time for man’s fluffiness 

Excerpt taken from the guide book of the Dragon Path Oracle 

‘Like the all spiritual guides the dragons have their own personality and each carries their own teachings, lessons or guidance for us. They are immensely powerful, creative, inquisitive and honourable beings who carry (at times) a somewhat dry sense of humour, this is peppered with enormous compassion and of course power.

How do I put something as enormous and intangible as the dragons into words?  Their energy is immense and as our energy connects more deeply, I find it a privilege to be able to hold and channel it.  Trying to quantify the unquantifiable is nearly impossible!  It’s difficult to put the dragons into a box, to fit our way of thinking.  They are a kaleidoscope of colours and sizes, shapes and masses.   

The dragons love colour, crystals, sounds and symbols. They have connections to the planets, our galaxy and galaxies beyond. They are multi-dimensional and others were integral to Atlantis  

It’s rare that you choose to work with dragon – they tend to choose you.  They serve as incredible teachers who will guide you well, but rarely will they give you a direct answer to questions.  Their task is to guide you to begin to trust yourself, your intuition, and inner wisdom. Guide you notice when the universe is answering your call, and to act upon it. 

Anyone walking their spiritual path whether beginner or the more sage amongst us, know this can be a tough journey as we delve deep into ourselves, begin a healing journey and find our own spiritual mountain to climb’. 

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