FREE Meditation with the Dragon Balance


The meditation will be channelled by Caroline directly at the time.  During this particular one you will be guided by the Dragon Balance to connect with him for personal guidance, healing, or profound understanding of you and your role with the dragons.

You don’t have to own the deck to take part. If you do have a copy, you may like to have Balance set up on in your space you use for meditation, sat on your altar or simply have the card on your lap.

Thursday 11th February 7.30pm – 8.30pm GMT

This is a one off free event. Once your registration has been received you will receive a Zoom link.

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During the LIVE Yule meditation with Herne on 21st December 2020, the dragons requested that Caroline hold space for you to connect with each dragon from her deck the Dragon Path Oracle cards.

The first meditation kicks off in line with the February new moon.

A section of the message from Balance taken from the guide book

 “Fear and frustration only serves one purpose, and that is to dis-empower. Life on Earth is all about achieving a personal equilibrium, seeing things for what they are, balancing your daily activities and demands with time to laugh and play. You run the risk of becoming too serious and caught up in the dramas that are playing out in your life now, by not allowing yourself time to play”

Each meditation over the coming months will be channelled to aid your connection to the dragons one at a time to deepen your understanding and communication with them as individual beings of compassion, light or healing.

Every meditation will be different, depending on the dragon, some will carry a healing element for yourself, and others will carry deeper meaning of the dragon(s) for you as you build and strengthen your relationship with them.

This will complement your readings with the cards as well as deepening your personal connection and journey with the Dragon Clans as a whole.