New Light Coding – Working with the Dragons of Light


We are being asked to be among the first to hold and anchor this new energy which is all about the frequency of the planet and ourselves.  The Light Refraction is bringing codes with it direct from the Dragons of Light.

By taking part in this workshop and being amongst the first in anchoring the codes you will have the opportunity for healing and releasing chains and binds, ancient patterns and past life pain.  All of this will be guided by the new Clan – The Dragons of Light

By anchoring the codes you will also be guided to how to drop into your heart and learn to maintain it throughout your usual daily tasks.

This will be a two to two and a half hours workshop online, on Zoom.

Thursday 21st January 7-9pm (ish) GMT

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On 21.01.2021 there is another energy shift coming up.  This completes the cycle of the previous 2,221 yrs we have been in.

The Dragons tell me

‘This is the time to complete that cycle of events for humanity.  Join together for self-healing and aiding your fellow human doings.

That portal to the previous era is closing and a new one is taking its place.  The Light Refractions pouring down to your Earth at this time require anchoring.  This is multifaceted work and carries many levels’.