Tarot Readings Online

I offer tarot readings worldwide in person, at my home in rural Hampshire, at The Henge shop in Avebury and online using Zoom or Skype. 

Courses and Workshops

Workshops run all year round.  These can be anything from a half day introduction to Dragons to a full 12 week evening course on learning the Tarot.

Dragon Oracle Cards

These cards are beautifully made and presented for you with a printed booklet defining the meaning of each card. 

Group & Party Bookings

Group & party bookings can be made for me to attend and do readings. There is a minimum requirement of at least 4 people for these.

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Tarot Readings

A tarot reading can take any shape during a sitting with me and can be broken down into four categories.

The past, The Spiritual Soul or Seeker, The Present, and finally The Future

Within any reading just some or all of the four areas can come up, it really depends who is sitting in front of me. On occasions it can be firmly based in one category or another.

The Past

On rare occasions a reading can be based wholly in the past, particularly if there is a need to explore events from a certain time, which may be holding you back. These may require healing, understanding, or a slight shift in perspective, providing you with the opportunity to move on.

A Spiritual Reading  

Many of my clients are spiritual in nature, and seek my guidance and counsel when they are looking to have something in particular confirmed. Frequently this will be to do with their life path, spiritual journey and work.  A reading will bring clarity to their situation, and may offer options and opportunities.

The Present

Then there are ‘Now’ readings as I call them. They are fully based in the present and based around what is going on for the sitter at the time of the reading.  It’s the decisions you make here, based on what’s going on for you now, which have an impact on your future.

A Predictive Reading

A predictive reading is a future based reading and very rarely totally future based.  In reality a predictive reading is a combination of all of the above.  What is going on for your now, and how you react or respond to those events impacts your future.

The tarot is a master at honing in on events or situations which need your attention. The cards which are chosen by the sitter will tell the story and show you potential outcomes and opportunities for certain situations.

The key point here is to remember we make thousands of decisions and choices daily.  If you choose to respond differently to something which has shown up in your reading, you are likely to get a different outcome.  And that’s good!   With any reading (tarot or otherwise) we all have free will, and choose what we do, when, how or who with. These things are never set in stone. You are in control of your life and the trajectory it takes.

In short a tarot reading can help you untangle life’s twists and turns, and guide you to make informed decisions about where your life goes next. Fore warned is fore armed I believe.

A reading is never set in stone; and if you don’t like the sound of something that is on the horizon, you make a different choice. It’s your life, you live it the way you want. We don’t need to be victims of circumstance. We hold the keys to our life.

I also need to bring to your attention, due to recent legislation within our industry, that any form of tarot reading, clairvoyance, mediumship and other esoteric disciplines are for entertainment purposes only. With all readings we cannot advise or predict on health, wealth or property issues and the like.  Anything which requires the expertise of fully trained professionals within their respective field needs to be consulted appropriately.

Private Readings

A reading with me will require booking in advance with a securing deposit.  You can choose to have either a half hour overview of where your life is and what’s going on for you, or you can have The Full Monty, so allow around an hour for this one.

Group Bookings

If you fancy a girls night with a difference I can come along and do Mini Readings. These are usually about 20 mins in length depending on how many people are there. Group bookings need to have between 4 and 6 people requiring readings.

Corporate Entertainment

Please enquire for prices and availability for corporate functions and entertainment.

I have read at Faculty Balls, Summer Balls, in the Officers Mess and many other types of events.

Contact me

Tel: 01264 362334 / 07824 374073

Address: Andover Down, Andover, Hampshire, SP11 


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