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Rachael - October 2017

I just wanted to share this after Caroline's amazing workshop on Sunday. After being introduced to an aspect of myself, a very primal, chittering. ferocious looking dragon, which represents all of what I am currently working through. Eons of genetic breeding and coding which has led to me being alive, from a line of very strong ancestors. But primal fear, which I no longer need on a day to day basis (world war 3 I'd be sorted lol). So I had a bath last night and brought her chittering head close to me. In a very relaxed and meditative/hypnotic state, I thanked her, and therefore me, for every positive thing this aspect of my personality has given me. Everything it has done for my ancestors, and everything it has done for me. And the ways certain aspects will still hold value for me in life. But that life was easy. Life was peaceful. We trusted in the process of life. And as I did this, she calmed and she is healing. She was purring (not in a cat like way mind) by the end of the bath. The collar restricting her throat has been loosened and half pushed off her head.

So today I went out driving. Something I used to absolutely bloody love. But with my increasing anxiety over the last 6-9 months, I have struggled with immensely. I have just found it so draining and stressful. I ended up in Stockbridge and wondered around till I found a cafe I liked. Ate some late breakfast and did a little work. And then, without thinking about it, rather then heading back to the car, I headed out down a path. For a walk. Something I have never, ever, been able to do alone. A fear that I would be . . .what? A fear of a million things of walking in nature alone. But something that I needed to do. Without even being conscious of it. I walked and sat by a river and thought 'well bugger me?! Get me! out and about by myself'.

She still needs a voice. Which she will have as I continue to voice my full truth. I will always not vocalise every bizarre thought that passes through my brain, but as I learn to trust that what I have to say is of true merit and something that even the most mastered of us will value, I will learn to say more. And so gain my own voice. Totally empowering myself through this process of very personal deep self-healing.

This is the power of the energy which we were working with yesterday. Literally life changing, if we give ourselves over to it. If we trust the process and allow the change. Allow the healing change within us. And I'm sure for all of us levels of understanding of the connection between our dragon and areas in this life that we either need to work on or are currently working on, will be revealed to us over the next few days. And so the healing process began yesterday, will continue for weeks and maybe even months, revealing itself in layers.

I have been working on this area for the last few months, and quite deeply for the last few weeks trying to get to the root of this.

That's why it's so important that these aspects of our own personal healing is communicated to us though the dragons. They are deep and complex, just like we are. Just as the areas of our lives we are working through are.

I wanted to thank Caroline for facilitating this and for giving us all such a wonderful opportunity for self expansion.




Tal - June 2017

"As soon as I walked in and met Caroline for the first time I felt totally at ease. She is very easy to talk to and answered many of the questions that I was seeking. At the end of the session I felt calmer and more positive about my own personal journey and I am looking forward to working further with Caroline. Thank you so much."

Ann - March 2017
I just want to say a huge thank you for my reading via Skype today. It gave insight and reassurance. Caroline you are brilliant in conveying gentle truths and sign posts. If you are looking for a general overview or need insight in to a certain area a reading with Caroline will give you answers to your questions. Skype also worked well it was as if we were sitting in the same room.


Lesley - March 2017

Just had an amazing Skype reading with the very talented Caroline. Not only was it 100% accurate, she gave me so much inspiration and strength to take on my future challenges. An awesome lady, very talented, lovely to listen to, makes you feel extremely at ease and deserves nothing but the best in life. Thanks Caroline. Really appreicate it. Skype made it so easy and relaxing in your home space. Definitely the way forward. WELL DONE! XXX


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