Why not Dragons? I’m only joking 🙂 This is a question I too have asked myself many times. There’s is a unity and friendship with the Dragons and Angelic beings. One isn’t instead of the other, both are valid, helpful, and supportive.

For me the dragons have a greater presence, power and authority to them, that you don’t get with the Angels in quite the same way. I have spoken about this a lot. The angels are supportive and encouraging, guiding us forward, which is perfect and as it should be. They are a quiet guiding energy, never overstepping the mark. This doesn’t make them lesser than the dragon energy, only different.

The dragons on the other hand, give it to us straight, shoot form hip and will tell us to stop wallowing in self pity, urge us to stand up and be the change we want to see, to go out and make a difference. Be brave, stand in that power which is yours, and yours alone. With dragon often you are being urged to take action, to change something if you don’t like. I guess really they are action driven, where as the angelic’s are more contemplative.