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About Caroline

About Caroline


A little about my background:

I am a 4th generation psychic and claircogniant (clear knowing).  I grew up in a haunted house with a father who can see spirit.  (I’m still trying to convince him to come on my courses and develop his natural talent), so it was pretty inevitable that I would have a thirst for learning all about the paranormal.


I began my own journey in earnest in my 20’s, having been mentored during the preceding years by a wonderful medium and healer. It was his death which truly catapulted me onto my path fully.  I didn't want to waste the foundations he had given me.  My meeting Gethin, was one of those obscure, life changing events.   


During the early 2000's I ran a new age shop in Whitchurch, Hampshire called Navajo with a therapy centre and workshop facilities attached.  How that came about was as obscure as meeting Gethin. From there I founded the MBS magazine One Source and put on events and fairs locally, including a couple of 2 day MBS festivals at Salisbury City Hall.


In 2017 I launched the Dragon Path Oracle Cards and my eBook The Spirit Within - Stepping Stones to Spirituality, which is available on Amazon.


And so began a life long journey of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual and personal development, which continues to this day, for our spirit guides make sure we never stay still.


I have trained in Crystal Healing, Reiki (levels 1 to Master), Colour Mirrors, Spiritual Healing, and attended numerous workshops, courses, retreats and more. 


I run a number of Facebook groups and pages all based around personal and spiritual development, for I believe you cannot do one without the other.


I now travel both nationally and internationally with my work, talking dragons, doing tarot readings and hosting workshops


Caroline Mitchell - The Original Dragon Lady


Dragon Whisperer, Tarot Reader, Reiki Master,  Workshop Facilitator



07824 374 073


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